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NOVEMBER 9 IMAGES OF THE CHILD AND CHILDREN'S LITERATURE Organised by International Board on Books for Young People at Digby Stuart College, Roehampton Institute, London SW15. It will look at images in films and television as well as books and picture books. Helen Cresswell, adaptor of Enid Blyton's "Famous Five" books for TV, will talk about the challenges of transforming textual descriptions of the child into visual images, and there will be a choice of 10 workshops. Fee: Pounds 30, Pounds 25 members. Details: Kim Reynolds, 01273 471404.

NOVEMBER 14 REVIVING APPRENTICESHIP Organised by Work and Learning Network at Earnshaw Hall, Sheffield University.

Speakers include: Alan Anderton, Accrington and Rossendale College, and Ian McRoy, British Bus, on "Integrated learning: working in partnership"; and Richard Guy, chief executive, Manchester Training and Enterprise Council on modern apprenticeship and core skills. Fee: Pounds 70. Details: Alison Fuller, 0116 275 3683 (telfax) or e-mail:

NOVEMBER 15 VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION AND STRESS IN SCHOOLS Organised by Kidscape atRoyal Geographical Society, London SW7, to examine ways of dealing with pupils and parents who are aggressive or violent; and stress management for teachers.

Fee: Pounds 88.13. Details: 0171 730 3300.


Organised by HighScope at Manchester University. Speakers include: Dr David Weikart, president, HighScope Foundation, USA; and Professor Kathy Sylva, London Institute of Education. Fee: Pounds 50. Details: 0181 676 0220.

NOVEMBER 16 THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE: THE SCOTTISH EDUCATION SYSTEM Organised by Campaign for State Education at Connaught Hall, 41 Tavistock Square, London WC1. Speakers include: Judith Gillespie, Scottish Parent Teacher Council; and John MacBeath,Strathclyde University. Fee: Pounds 35, Pounds 15 members. Details: 0181 944 8206 (telfax).

NOVEMBER 18-19 IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO TALK: STRATEGIES FOR RESOLVING DISPUTES Organised by SACRO, a charity dedicated to promoting justice and reducing crime, and Mediation UK at Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Workshops include: young people in schools; anti-violence strategies; criminal justice (with reference to adults and young people); community and housing. Fee: Pounds 200 (day rate Pounds 125). Details: 0131 226 4222.

NOVEMBER 18 PARTICIPATION + INTERACTION: THE ARTIST AS EDUCATOR Organised by Engage at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, where a new exhibition entitled "Serious games: interactive images" will provide the setting for an examination of how gallery educators can involve artists in participative or interactive projects. Speakers include: Mark Fisher MP, shadow arts spokesman; Richard Wentworth, sculptor; and Graham Hitchen, Arts Council of England. Fee: Pounds 50-Pounds 75. Details: 0191 226 0093.

EVENTS NOVEMBER 7,12,19,26 AND DECEMBER 3 EQUALITY IN ACTION SEMINAR SERIES Organised by Equality Learning Centre, which promotes "equal opportunities in action in the early years", at London Voluntary Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London N7, 5.15-6.45pm. Respective topics are: mixed parentage; persona dolls (an interactive workshop with Greta Sandler of the Early Years Trainers Anti-Racist Network); children's rights; lesbian and gay issues; and disability awareness. Fee: Pounds 7.50, Pounds 5 members per seminar. Details: 0171 700 8127.

STARTING NOVEMBER 7-8 MOVE TRAINING SEMINARS The MOVE International programme helps children with disabilities learn functional motor skills through an activity-based curriculum in the classroom. Seminars for professionals and parents will be held in Belfast, November 7-8; Leeds, November 11-12; Blackpool, November 21-22; London WC1 (Great Ormond Street), November 25-26; and Yeovil, November 27-28. Fee: Pounds 80 (Pounds 95 London). Details: Ian Price, IPA Group, 01246 410892.

NOVEMBER 11 ALTOGETHER BETTER: FROM SPECIAL NEEDS TO EQUALITY IN EDUCATION Charity Projects, the organisation behind Comic Relief, has organised a free workshop at a central London location for people interested in best practice in inclusive education, and for users of its Altogether Better video pack for teachers and governors, price Pounds 7.50. Details: Julia Brown, education officer, 0171 436 1122.

NOVEMBER 11,13,14 COMMUNITY EDUCATION SEMINARS According to the Community Education Development Centre, Gary Goldman, founderpresident of American company Quality Improvement Associates, introduced a programme of student and community involvement into schools in Chicago and the US, which transformed student behaviour and achievement. He is to lead CEDC seminars on the subject in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Governors, education authority officers, and senior managers in educational establishments welcome. Fee: Pounds 95. Details: Diane Hardiman, 01203 638660.

NOVEMBER 16 THE RAINBOW BALL This gala ball kicks off the British Dyslexia Association's campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of medical recognition of dyslexia. Elkie Brooks and the Johnny Howard Band and singers will provide music to dance the night away and there will be a four-course meal with wines and coffee. Tickets Pounds 135. Details: 0171 978 5565.


Could your teacher be an ugly sister, Buttons, or the rear of a pantomime cow? School children are invited to write to Children's BBC about why they think their teacher should appear in the BBC panto - the Big Bash with Coca-Cola - at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. Those selected will appear alongside BBC celebrities and their class will be invited along to watch them in action. Entrants should send their teacher's name, address and telephone number together with their own to: Good Fairy, BBC HEL, 55 North Wharf Road, London W2 1LX.

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