Conferences and courses

"Sailing through mathematics" is the theme of the Mathematical Association's annual conference at Loughborough University, April 10-13.

The key speakers are: Dr John Silvester, King's College, London and Professor Marcus de Sautoy, Oxford University and fellow of All Souls College. Sessions include: concept cartoons in maths; the good ship IT - sailing through primary maths; Mathacadabra!; mind mapping in the maths class; modular origami; using PowerPoint; Qualifications and Curriculum Authority primary update; Sudoku squares; and Japanese logic puzzles.

Tel: 0116 221 0013

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics is holding its annual conference at Edge Hill College of Higher Education, Ormskirk, Lancashire, April 10-13. The theme is "Maths without..." The list includes: maths without bureaucracy; committees; classrooms; Inset; Ofsted; teachers. Fee is pound;300 for early bookers.

Tel: 01332 346599 Email:

The ATM's professional officer, Barbara Ball, runs the following courses throughout the country: "Teaching numeracy using developing number 2"; "Developing mathematical thinking"; "Using dynamic packages to teach geometry"; "Geometric reasoning and proof"; "Maths for gifted and talented pupils"; "Using an interactive SMART whiteboard"; "Using ICT to teach specific mathematical topics"; "Using ATM's Developing Number software"; "Mathematical activities using spreadsheets". Fee: pound;550 whole day: pound;325 half day (plus expenses).

Tel: 01664 840110 "Count Me In: addressing the challenge of inclusion", organised by Cambridgeshire Council for maths teachers and teaching assistants, will be held at Peterborough Marriott Hotel, February 8-9. Fee: pound;240; pound;190 local authorities. Speakers include: Professor Mike Askew, King's College London; Martin Blows, assistant director for online learning, National College of School Leadership; Lynn Churchman, HMI specialist adviser for maths, Ofsted; Anne Watson, reader in maths, Oxford University.

Workshops include: multicultural maths, creative maths for all, divide and rule, figuring and more.

Tel: Tracey Veenendaal, 01480 375477 The National Association of Mathematics Advisers is holding its annual conference in the West Midlands, March 23-25. Speakers include: Professor Mike Askew, Kings College London, and Diana Coben, National Research and Development Centre and KCL. There will be sessions on the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, strategies and HMI Briefings.

Telfax: 01453 845517 (evenings) Email:

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