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Conferences and courses

To mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix, Bio-Rad Laboratories and the Institute of Biology are running 15 gene technology courses across the UK between now and July 15. Topics include DNA fingerprinting, and pGLO bacterial transformation (using a free biotechnology kit for your school). Fee: pound;75. Contact Dominic Delaney at Bio-Rad or Georgina Day at the Institute of Biology:

Tel: 020 8328 2245; 020 7581 8333


* The British Association's annual Festival of Science will be held at Salford University, September 8-12, on the theme "Sustainable science".

Highlights will include: research in predicting weather and climate change; Sir Peter Williams, BA president, on sustainability and sustaining science; and how the Johannesburg summit of 2002 has changed the way that sustainability issues are taught. Tel: 020 7973 3052 ba

* The Royal Society's summer science exhibition will be held at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1, July 1-3. Post-16 students are encouraged to discuss cutting-edge science with researchers. Among the 20 exhibits will be: how optical technology can be used to diagnose lung cancer and prospect for oil or gas; and "Guppy love" - how Trinidadian guppies are giving insights into how new species may be formed. Check out the 2002 exhibition at Accompanying resources will be sent to those who register by May 2 at: Tel: 020 7451 2561 or

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