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MARCH 5 OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITIES Organised by Lifetime Careers Brent and Harrow at Wembley Conference Centre for up to 1,000 first year A-level students and their teachers. Mature students and students with physical disabilities welcome. Presentations by Oxbridge tutors on application procedures and degree courses; and by Oxbridge undergraduates on life as a student. No fee but advance booking is essential. Details: Liz Walker, fax: 0181 901 3723.

APRIL 9-11 CLARINET AND SAXOPHONE SOCIETY Annual seminar at Royal Holloway, London University, Egham, Surrey. Specialists, non-specialists and non-members welcome. Subjects include: basic recording techniques; clarinet mouthpieces; teaching the slow learner; the gifted pupil; conducting for the terrified; assessmentmonitoring of pupils' progress; and repertoire for GCSEA-level practical examinations. Fee: pound;160, pound;150 members. Details: Sarah Moore, 0118 986 1502.

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