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Confused by Lane's calendar

Graham Lane misleads in his letter in favour of the so-called six-term year (TES, October 29). He claims that "most" local education authorities have set a 16-week summer term in 2005 because of an early Easter.

Easter Monday is on March 28. Allowing for a week's half-term, 17 weeks after March 28 is July 25. This assumes the two-week Easter holiday happens before March 28, if not then the summer term runs into August. I doubt any LEA has planned an Easter holiday entirely before the March festival, or a term running into August.

I am weary of inventions of unfeasibly long summer terms to support claims for reorganising the school year. Please could Mr Lane back up his assertions with names of LEAs and dates?

The Local Government Association has already shortened summer holidays from six weeks. I do not support it in this. Although I welcomed my recent single-week holiday, I did not want a fortnight at the expense of other holidays at other times. A fortnight in October will not offset the stress points of late winter and early spring.

Adam Southwell 33 Princes Street Ramsey, Cambridgeshire

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