Confusion over initial training

"A Leap without faith" (TES October 16) presented a confused and inaccurate picture of the lottery-funded information and communication technology training programme and the new initial teacher training (ITT) national curriculum for the use of ICT in subject teaching.

Contrary to Jack Kenny's report, responses to the content of the training curriculum for the use of ICT were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, far from saying that the ITT curriculum was "too detailed", respondents asked for more details in relation to the application of the curriculum to individual subjects.

Mr Kenny claims that it was "a leading teacher trainer" who told him that the documents "seem as though they were written by someone who finds ICT distasteful". In fact, I wonder whether Mr Kenny may be quoting himself, for this was his own observation as sent to us when he commented on early draft materials.

The article also presents a confused view of the training for serving teachers. It has been made clear that only those training providers with the relevant educational experience and expertise will be approved.

Many commercial organisations are interested in applying for approval, but we are also aware that the majority have recognised that they cannot meet the specifications on their own and are therefore establishing partnerships with higher education institutions, local education authorities and individual schools.

Anthea Millett. Chief executive, Teacher Training Agency, London SW1. Jack Kenny replies: The quote is real and encapsulates the views of many.

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