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Congratulations to DFEE wits;Letter

WHAT an excellent idea to insert a "spoof" page in the numeracy strategy file. Many more teachers would read such documents if there were always a joke page to search for. Perhaps the Department for Education and Employment could have a prize for the first teacher to telephone in the answer next time? It is, of course, in this case, page 29.

We had an excellent time discussing the suggestions and what they imply if they are serious advice. For example "Children need to see the teacher" (Usually she is hidden behind a curtain?); "Children need to see their table-top" (Usually they are blindfolded?); "Furniture arrangement should take account of the size and shape of the room" (Usually, teachers put all the desks in one corner?); "Older children in mainstream schools can move tables and chairs" (A child of six or one with learning difficulties could not possibly move a chair - Pickfords will have to be called in).

The DFEE has a sense of humour, after all. More please.

Jenny Smith Elvington CE primary Danby Lane Elvington York

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