Connect life with learning

I read with interest "E-learning rounds up usual suspects", (FE Focus, July, 12). I agree formal e-learning is likely to reach only "the usual suspects", but a wider view of what "learning" is and an informal approach get results.

I manage a mobile computer facility in York where we use innovative approaches to bring learning to marginalised groups. Our "Learning Through Games" project, for disaffected young people, uses games such as pinball as a "front door" to learning. Once learners have accessed the mobile unit, they are likely to move on to explore other software.

Our projects start from a point of need - what do learners want from us? We may help a mum print party invitations and she may return to learn other things.

We make ICT simple, with results immediately available through drop-in sessions and one-to-one support. Lifelong learning is about learning and life. If learning isn't directly related to the lives of potential learners, they won't participate.

Donna Lawer-Jones 1 Straylands Grove, York

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