Conservatives shun the Rose Review

The primary curriculum proposals of Sir Jim Rose are likely to be ditched if the Tories win the next general election, it has emerged.

The curriculum review, which proposes that today's subject-based framework be replaced by six areas of learning, is on a tight timetable: changes are due in September 2011, but the last possible date for an election is June 2010. Polls show the Tories have a consistent lead.

Nick Gibb, a member of the Conservative's front bench education team, was at a debate on the proposals this week. Afterwards he told The TES: "If we win the next election, then it's very unlikely we would want to implement the Rose Review because it's taking us in a direction of policy we think has failed in the past. It's recommending things that have been tried in other parts of the world and wherever it's tried, it fails."

Poor turn-out for Sir Jim, page 26.

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