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Cornet gets the cash in

Raising money may be harder than ever right now, but one enterprising 10-year-old showed it can be done - by taking to the streets with his cornet.

Yoel Levy's teachers set him the challenge of raising money for a children's hospice over the summer holidays. Spurning the old standbys of car washing and gardening, the young musician took out his cornet and headed into the streets to try his hand at busking.

After three hours on the streets of Altrincham in Cheshire, all under the watchful eye of his older brother and sister, of course, Yoel had raised a grand total of #163;476. The money will go to Francis House Children's Hospice in Didsbury, Manchester.

Yoel, a pupil at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School in Cheadle, could find himself in demand if the school roof ever needs fixing...

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