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"Count the Numbers" (TES, December 6 1996) Incorrect figures were published in Yvonne Bates's and Martin Titchmarsh's article on the financial implications of class size. The table showing the cost of reducing class sizes in their 920-pupil comprehensive should have read: CLASS SIZE ADDITIONAL


Present class size 23.3 no additional cost

22.3 Pounds 51,584 21.3 Pounds 107,960 20.3 Pounds 169,781 19.3 Pounds 238,008 18.3 Pounds 313,692 The table showing the cost of improving percentage of teacher non-contact time should have read as follows: CONTACT RATIO COST

Present contact ratio 76.8 no additional cost

75.8 Pounds 19,022 74.8 Pounds 37,773 73.8 Pounds 57,033 72.8 Pounds 76, 822 We apologise for publishing the wrong figures.

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