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TWO COLUMN headings were accidentally transposed on page 29 and the right-hand side of page 28 of last week's GCSE tables. Under the heading "GCSEGNVQ results 1999", the columns from left to right should read "5 A*-C"; "5 A*-G"; "no passes" (see right).

The authorities affected were West Sussex (from the Forest School on), Westminster, Wigan, Wiltshire, Wirral, Wokingham, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire and York. Apologies to all concerned.

AN ERROR (later corrected) in the original data from the Department for Education and Employment meant Aldersley High School in Wolverhampton was not in the list of the 50 most improved state schools. Its proportion of pupils gaining five GCSEs at grades A*-C rose 22 percentage points between 1996 and 1999.

ST ANSELM'S College in Wirral, Merseyside, classed by the DFEE's data as selective and included in our bottom 10 grammars, was a non-selective independent school at the time of its GCSE intake. Its GCSE results have been ranked by OFSTED as very high compared to the average for similar schools.

* Pages 28 and 29 of last week's GCSE tables can be corrected by sticking the amended labels, above, over the top of the column headings on page 29 and the right-hand side of page 28

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