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Corridor clash

A teacher with 30 years' experience was involved in a serious bust-up "He was totally out of control, shouting or rather screaming: 'I'll get the c**t and other similar phrases. I later discovered he had been given a fat lip by a 'pal' in a ludicrously trivial incident outwith the school the previous evening.

"I grabbed him, of course. I repeated the request to calm down, but I might as well have been calling down from a passing jumbo jet. I then put my arms around his shoulders and tried to lock his arms to his side. For the next minute or so (it seemed much longer), we bounced around the corridor, locked together, me hanging on desperately . . .

"The following day . . . I checked his record which revealed over 80 disciplinary referrals, not including the last. It really is time that local authorities woke up to the danger posed by pupils like 'John'."

(A full version will appear next week. This is not taken from the GTC report)

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