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Could a rose by any other name be sweeter?

The best thing anyone could do for continuing professional development is find it a new name. Twelve syllables... just saying it can make your heart sink.

But since it can be anything which helps teachers do their jobs better, the possibilities are breathtaking; a real pick 'n' mix.

Take Fiona Morgan, who took sax lessons, thus reminding herself how difficult learning can be (page 4).

Or Park View academy's big day out, where all 83 staffers went into neighbouring schools on tailor-made programmes and came back with 639 ideas (page 7).

And staff at Abraham Moss high in Manchester are revelling in their Pounds 660,000 CPD suite, complete with black leather sofas, which makes them feel good about themselves as they learn (page 10).

At the other end of the scale, you can do CPD free , with 16 fabulous ideas on page 15. That's not boring, is it?

But still, you ask, what's in it for me?

There's money: some pay rises are being linked to CPD and management allowances are being replaced with teaching and learning responsibility payments.

There are qualifications: the teacher learning academy, created by the General Teaching Council for England, will enable teachers to get academic credits for projects which benefit them and their schools (page 8).

There's Government pressure: the emphasis on raising achievement means CPD has been written into the new teachers' professional standards framework and its five-year strategy, and its Training and Development Agency will also be busy.

And there's job satisfaction. Finding new and better ways to teach, and doing it with colleagues, can give you a professional buzz, as the teachers featured in these pages show.

So, perhaps we need to call it something else?

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