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Council needs to lead resistance

"The General Teaching Council needs to make a completely fresh start if it hopes to win support from the profession," says your editorial (TES, April 30). As a newly-elected member of the council, I couldn't agree more.

The tragedy of the GTC over the past four years is that we only hear of it when it is taking disciplinary measures against a teacher. We hear nothing about it representing teachers and influencing government. Here is a simple recipe for a GTC re-launch to regain the profession's trust and respect: (1) Listen to what the profession is saying about the Government's obsession with targets, tests and tables. (2) Take the initiative in building a broad, coalition of resistance to the relentless testing regime.

(3) Lead the opposition to the "3T's".

We would then have a GTC, and an education system, of which we could all, once again, feel proud.

Pete Strauss Primary head member of GTC 35 Julian Road Lady Bay, Nottingham

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