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County Down - Bottle assault mum faces jail

The mother of a 10-year-old boy could be jailed after throwing a water bottle at her son's teacher when an argument about its contents erupted into a full-blown dispute.

Lisa Blythe pleaded guilty to assaulting the Primary 6 teacher at St Colmcille's Primary School in Downpatrick, County Down, and said that she regretted her actions.

The teacher had prevented the pupil from drinking what she thought was fizzy water, given to him by his mother, as this was against the school's healthy eating policy.

According to Ms Blythe, she forgot to pack water for her son on the day of the incident, so had bought some on the way to school, not realising it was not still.

When she found out that her son had not been allowed to drink it, she lost her temper and eventually threw the bottle at the teacher.

District Judge Mr Mervyn Bates told the 34-year-old: "An argument about a bottle of water should not have flared up in this way. People like teachers will be protected in this court from people like you."

Judge Bates will sentence Ms Blythe this month and warned that she may have to serve a term in prison. mr.

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