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Course could bring Posh onside

As David Beckham flew out to the Far East, a learning and skills council has come to the rescue of his wife Victoria - explaining the offside rule.

Mr Beckham revealed on television this week that he had tried a couple of times to explain the offside rule to his wife, but to no avail.

So she may be interested in a one-day course being offered next Friday by the West of England LSC to explain the mysteries of the rule. The "bite-size" course, open to both sexes, will be run by Bristol Rovers at their Memorial Ground and refereed by the Premiership's Steve Dunn.

"We intend to be inventive as well as informative," said Rod Wesson, director of education and welfare at the club. "In that film where they get all their kit off - The Full Monty - they use the Arsenal offside trap to help their dancing. That's something we can play with.

"Then there's the one where the back four are tied together with rope - so that when one moves they all have to move. Professional clubs do that.

"Posh would be ideal for our course. Do you know her agent?"

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