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Course notes

Rosalind Hurford, senior Year 5 teacher at St Michael's C of E junior school, Bath, gets electrified

Course Getting to that Eureka Moment - creativity across the curriculum.

Provider Able Pupils Extending Opportunities Project (APEX).

Venue Centurian Hotel, Midsomer Norton. March 2003.

Cost pound;50, paid by school.

How did you find out about it?

Through Bath and North East Somerset LEA, which runs APEX.

Why go?

I enjoy exploring active ways of teaching.

What did it promise?

Education in the widest context - getting the next generation to be resourceful and think for themselves.

Did it deliver?

It tackled not what to teach, but how. It showed us ways of encouraging independent learning in children with different talents.

Highs and lows Richard Dunne, the speaker, was a fantastic one-man show. He made teaching children so exciting. His delivery was practical, witty and visual, very challenging, but you could adapt what he was showing for your own use.

Message, motto or mantra Get people to enjoy what they're doing - make understanding fun.

Best advice Find "a big concept" - such as electricity - and explore how the whole thing works, not just the specifics of separate components. Then teach children to use visual clues to find ways in. For example, Richard taught us how to use gestures as prompts for mathematical signs, and played around with paper cups to explain division.

Has it made a difference?

There's always the restraint of lesson plans, but I've definitely found ways of getting children involved. We've explored some big ideas - and I've had the paper cups out.

Coming your way?

Information on the APEX courses at, or from Marie Huxtable, tel: 01225 394901.

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