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Course notes

Helen Ball, head of Polehampton CE infant school, Wokingham, gets Smart

Course An Introduction to the Smart Interactive Whiteboard and Software.

Provider Kathy Smedley, Supporting ICT (

Venue Keep Hatch Training Centre, Wokingham. September 2003.

Cost pound;175. Whole-school Inset, paid for by the school.

How did you find out about the course?

Our ICT inspector recommended it.

Why go?

None of us had ever used an interactive whiteboard, so we really wanted to get the most from it.

What did it promise?

"A complete introduction to whole-class teaching with the interactive whiteboard and ways of using the software in planning and delivering lessons."

Did it deliver?

It was very inspiring and easy to follow and made things seem achievable.

Above all, it got us enthusiastic.

Highs and lows

The best thing was seeing how useful the whiteboard could be in day-to-day teaching, not just as a fancy add-on. It gave us real confidence in using it. But I would have preferred the session to be in our own school, where we could have tried things out immediately.

Message, motto or mantra

Whiteboards open up lots of opportunities, for teachers and children.

Best advice

We had a good session looking at useful websites, everything from teaching aids and strategic documentation to individual schools. It's important to be aware of what other people are doing.

Has it made a difference?

We've had a few technical hitches with installation. But once it's up and running each class will use it three times a week. This course showed us all the curriculum areas we can work with - not just ICT but maths, literacy, geography, everything.

Coming your way?

Supporting ICT runs courses in Berkshire and the south-west. Its website also details training partners countrywide.

If you've been on a course that others should know about email

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