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AUTUMN AT THE VA A programme of short courses, symposia, study days and events, drawing, painting and practical art courses, and masterclasses is available at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London SW7. These include: an evening course on "East Asia: the arts of China, Korea and Japan", September 25-December 11 (Wednesdays), fee Pounds 250, Pounds 60 concessions; a lecture on American photography 1890-1965, November 23, fee Pounds 25, Pounds 5 concessions; and a study day on dress in 16th-century Europe, November 9, fee Pounds 25, Pounds 5 concessions. Year-long courses also available on the arts of late medieval and early Renaissance Europe and the visual arts in the 19th and 20th centuries. Details: 0171 938 8638.

STARTING IN SEPTEMBER HOLISTIC THERAPYSPORTS THERAPY Solihull College has set up a 10-week introductory course and 36-week diploma course on holistic therapies, and a 36-week sports therapy diploma course. Holistic therapy includes body massage, health and safety, aromatherapy, reflexology, first aid, nutrition, client counselling and stock control. Sports therapy features fitness testing, massage techniques, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. Details: 0121 711 60256.

COUNSELLING SKILLS Combating the first signs of stress in staff could help reduce or prevent long-term absenteeism through stress-related illnesses. Thomas Danby College, Leeds, offers counselling skills courses, accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body, aimed at employees. The certificates in counselling cover psychology, interpersonal skills, effective communication, and personal development. Details: Sally Blunt, 0113 249 4912.

GUIDANCE FOR ADULTS PROJECT The University of Hertfordshire is running a four-year outreach project to develop adult guidance services in the community with the aim of widening access to higher education. The programme, which includes New Opportunities for Women courses, helps people brush up or learn the study skills they need to progress. Details: Gail Cambery, 01707 285227.

DISTANCE LEARNING In a world where computer users can follow courses on interactive disc and students and tutors can communicate by e-mail or fax, distance learning has become a real alternative to conventional study. The Association of British Correspondence Colleges offers a programme of GCSE and A-levels, professional and vocational courses, and courses for leisure, enjoyment and personal development. Details: 0181 544 9559.

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