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Marjorie Smith, development officer for the Scottish Biotechnology Education Project, will lead this course at Dollar Academy, Clackmannanshire.

Participating teachers will receive a kit of materials to allow them to replicate experiments in the classroom. Topics include:

isolation of DNA from plant tissues; plasmolysis and autolysis in yeast; and protoplast isolation. Fee: Pounds 20, 5 Institute of Biology members.


Peter Anderson, 01592414676.



Hope Street's Actors' Centre in Liverpool invites people aged 18 and over to apply by February 13 for this full4ime course offering skills development in mime, acrobatics, clowning, devising, mask and commedia. Leadingto a Certificate of Professional Development accredited by Liverpool John Moores University, it comprises workshops, a week with Rejects Revenge on how to run a theatre company and production, rehearsal and pertormance of a physical theatre play. Liverpool residents free, otherwise Pounds 1,000. Details: 0151 708 8007.

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