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CPD books in brief

Trouble eating


- Pooky Knightsmith's Eating Disorders Pocketbook offers a succinct and accessible account of various eating disorders and how to deal with and support pupils who suffer from them. This little book is not only informative but practical and offers strategies and guidance to help teachers when dealing with such issues. www.teacherspocket

It's emotional


- Placing emotional health and mental well-being at the forefront of her work, Kathryn Lovewell provides support and guidance for teachers and, in turn, their students, in Every Teacher Matters. She combines humour, wit and warmth to help teachers deal with the increasing emotional demands of teaching.

Be revitalised


- In Thinking at Every Desk, Derek Cabera and Laura Colosi take on the monumental task of aiming to revitalise the teaching profession by focusing not on raising test scores, but on raising thoughtful citizens. Their approach is informed by a complex systems perspective that shows the interplay between information and thought, and pupil and teacher.

Talk to me


- In The Persons in Relation Perspective, Colin Kirkwood brings together counselling, psychotherapy and community adult learning techniques to explore the immense impact relationships and the sense of self have on an individual. He examines the application of counselling and psychotherapy in adult education, society and community.

Spell it out


- Handy and practical, the Literacy Across the Curriculum Pocketbook aims to provide tips, tricks and strategies to be used when including literacy in your lessons. It offers realistic and resourceful advice that aims to make promoting literacy across all subjects a pleasure.

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