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Cramming at six is a disgrace

This year's KS1 writing test was laborious for children and more so for markers. Children faced the pressure of having an extra test while time spent marking was disproportionate to the value of the results. Two members of staff took two days to do it, costing pound;260. If all Year 2 teachers got time to mark, the cost must be astronomical.

One longer task is sufficient to provide a spot-check to back up teacher assessments Quite a few children did not perform to their normal standard even though I introduced the tests as sensitively as I could. This is verified by the county assessment moderator.

There was also a far greater loss in teaching time than previous years. I was told teachers altered their programme of literacy to cover work again before the writing task. This is teaching to the test - at six and seven years old that is a disgrace.

Pamela Evans

12 Parkfield Close


Paignton, Devon

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