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Creationists and dinosaurs

I am a former research biologist who has also been a "six-day creationist" for 40 years. I know hundreds of creationists and have read literally hundreds of creationist books and articles.

I have never met or heard of one creationist who believes or claims that the dinosaurs never existed. The person quoted in your article as doing so is so rare in the movement, and so extreme in his views that to quote him in the opening paragraphs is a shameful misrepresentation of the creationist position.

Even more reprehensible is the misquoting of Michael Behe in the same opening paragraphs. The unreferenced passage quoted is in fact from his publication, Darwin's Black Box and has nothing to do with fossils at all.

Professor Behe, who is not a creationist, is making a much more general point about the extent to which a creator could be known from scientific evidence, particularly biochemical evidence. He is talking about detectable design, not fossils.

I have taught the creationevolution debate within science classes for more than 25 years in the context of one of the new, independent Christian schools. The pupils who have received this kind of education have usually performed extremely well in GCSE science and, where they have taken the subject forward, at A-level and degree level.

There can be no harm in a genuine debate, honestly conducted.

Sylvia Baker

22a Stalybridge Road


Hyde, Cheshire

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