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Creative power of whiteboards

I am writing to support Charles Clarke's vision that every classroom should have an interactive whiteboard (TES, August 13). This aspiration is shared by the Teaching Awards Trust and our sponsor, Promethean. While there is little research into how whiteboards improve results, feedback from our winners using their ActivBoards speaks for itself.

The primary factor in quality teaching is, of course, the skills of teachers themselves. However, the ability to use technology to facilitate an innovative learning experience undoubtedly plays a positive role.

Whiteboards certainly encourage creativity in teaching. Moving away from conventional learning methods, Martin Williams, Teaching Awards 2002 national winner, used an interactive whiteboard to create "Who wants to be a historianaire?" His quiz, based on the popular TV show, engages pupils and helps remove barriers to learning.

David Hanson

Chief executive officer

The Teaching Awards Trust

4th floor, 6 Middle Street

London EC1

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