Creativity on the cards

Nothing makes a birthday or religious festival more special than receiving a card created by a child. The Vanilla Card Company takes this a step further by offering a free schools' service, making children's artwork into cards complete with coloured envelopes and cellophane packaging.

Using a free project pack which includes creative sheets with scanning guidelines, nursery and primary teachers simply get each class member to create a painting or drawing. These are transformed into cards to take home with the child's name, title of the work and an optional photograph on the back.

Parents can then purchase further cards in packs of 12 to send to relations and friends and the school earns commission on the orders.

Saville Town Infants School in Dewbury, West Yorkshire took the opportunity to design Eid cards, which celebrate the end of Ramadan: "The children cannot believe they have been so clever and produced a 'real' card", says Year 2 art teacher Audrey Miller. For Jane Higgin, deputy head of Gibside Special School, Newcastle upon Tyne, the Vanilla project offers the chance "for every child to take part at their own individual level" and for "the whole family to enjoy the child's creative work".

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