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Credit where it's due

Mark Craven. West Derby comprehensive, Liverpool

When the credits roll on Dante and Beatrice, a new 90-minute feature film updating Dante's 14th century epic poem "Inferno" to modern-day Liverpool, one of the names visible will be that of the film's editor, 15-year-old Mark Craven.

Mark, who has Asperger syndrome and is in Year 11 at West Derby comprehensive in Liverpool, has been hailed as a remarkable editing talent by youth arts group Yellowhouse. He joined the company during the school holidays last year, invited by a friend, having never done any editing before.

"I wasn't sure what was going on at first, but I am good at using computers," he explains. "Someone taught me how to do all the functions and I learned to do some effects, like cross-dissolve, myself."

Yellowhouse founder George McKane says the film, which premiered in Liverpool last month and will be seen in Florence next year, bears Mark's strong imprint.

"In all the years I have been involved in film editing, Mark is one of the most natural people I have ever come across. Editing is a very precise, detailed and often repetitive and mundane job, but Mark has real flair. He should make a career of it."

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