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Crerar review opens debate on self-evaluation

I refer to the publication of the Crerar review of inspection processes in Scotland, as reported by Neil Munro last week.

Whether the Cabinet implements all or any of the review, its publication offers an excellent opportunity to open debate on self-evaluation in educational and children's services and, in particular, the roles of and relationship between local authority quality improvement staff and HMIE.

As would be expected, our association has a view on this: after several years of refocusing their support services, local authorities now have at their disposal a group of about 400 education profes- sionals with a wide experience and a high level of expertise from working on the improvement agenda with schools.

The engagement of this group of professionals in the development of self evaluation in education needs to be put on a firm, national footing, so that the knowledge and skills they have acquired can benefit all Scotland's children and young people.

Jean Nisbet


Association of Educational

Development and

Improvement Professionals in Scotland

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