Criticisms are 'spot on'

TWO-THIRDS of secondary heads would probably support the underfunding accusation, Donald Matheson, president of the Headteachers' Association of Scotland, says.

"The other third are doing better," he said, describing Tony Gavin's comments as "totally appropriate and spot on".

Mr Matheson, head of Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh, believes his secondary was probably down by up to pound;80,000 on the 1996 figue. Funds for books, supplies, IT and maintaining buildings had all been hit as extra social inclusion responsibilities were heaped on schools.

"There has got to be a fresh look at the management of school funding and a more accessible, transparent system. There have been enormous divergences caused by the creation of 32 authorities and the idea of equity has gone by the board," Mr Matheson said.

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