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Crown Hills community college, Leicester

Crown Hills community college, Leicester

Pupils - 1,170

Teachers - 70

Budget - pound;2,600,000

What it will get - pound;40,000

AN EXTRA pound;40,000 could save the school from a deficit and the prospect of redundancies, according to headteacher Gary Coleby.

Alternatively it could be spent on the constant battle to keep technology up to date or for the new materials which the school will need to teach citizenship.

Mr Coleby said: "This will make a lot of difference if it is a direct grant that's coming straight to us.

"We do appreciate what the Government is doing about funding. More and more money is coming directly to schools which is right.

"I'd like to see them go the whole hog and introduce a national funding formula."

Chrlestown primary school, Salford

Pupils - 178

Teachers - 8

Budget - pound;349,530

What it will get - pound;6,000

HEAD Garry Schofield can stop worrying about how to pay the contractors he has employed to replace his rotting windows.

And if he has some left over, it will go into classroom assistants, who are so important at his school - a third of pupils have special needs. He said: "As long as this money isn't ring-fenced it will be really useful. I have massive health and safety problems which need sorting out whether I have the money or not."

His budget position was relatively healthy, he said, but the 25 per cent of primaries in Salford that are in deficit will be heaving a sigh of relief at the Chancellor's announcement.

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