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Croydon - 'Fame' pupils Turner to art

Pupils from the BRIT School for Performing Arts are competing for their own version of the Turner Prize.

Pupils from the Croydon comprehensive, widely know as the British "Fame" school, are exhibiting their work at a fashionable east London gallery next weekend.

The show, which includes a collaborative tribute to Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer who died in February, will see one Year 13 pupil win the "alTURNERtive Prize".

Judges from Dazed Confused magazine and Maureen Paley Gallery will pick a winner from pupils' experimental work in painting and photography.

Other work by pupils aged 14 to 19 on display at the Rag Factory in east London will include needlework portraits, video and live art, and a series of multi-sensory works inspired by pupils' own poetry.

The exhibition takes place on March 27-28. WS.

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