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Ed Tyrell likes Dave Gorman's sideburns, the Sixties and his pupils

Best book ever

The Bible, because it's full of great stories of great significance.

Otherwise, I might go for a book by Dave Gorman (pictured). He's got excellent sideburns and I love his take on life. One of my sixth-formers is going to lend me his Googlewhack Adventure.

Best film

The Italian Job (directed by Peter Collinson, 1968) with Michael Caine, because it's got such style. I like Minis and E-type Jags and that whole Sixties thing. I also like the fact that the film sort of finishes in mid-air, and Michael Caine is just perfect.

Inspiring event

One of the things I love about Congleton is that we do big shows every year and you really want to go to them, not out of duty but because they are so good. This year we put on the musical Return to the Forbidden Planet. The pupils do everything, including playing the backing music. It reminds me that they are talented in so many areas.

To share with pupils

The Think Tank (Birmingham's Museum of Science and Discovery) offers so much more than the push-a-button, turn-a-wheel interactive stuff. It's challenging and it's got that "Wow!" factor. In the area on the body there's material on operations, operating theatres and forensic science.

That will fire up kids about science, give them something to aim for in future careers, rather than being like me and not having the foggiest idea on leaving school.


I use the revision site a lot with students because it gives them feedback immediately and it's more interesting than going through endless old exam questions.

Treat in store

I've always wanted to make the most of the six-week summer break and go exploring. My wife is a primary teacher so we can do it. As Jacob, our son, is only a few months old, it will have to be next year. We plan to go to Australia and New Zealand, visiting some Polynesian islands en route. We want to get to know other cultures.

Ed Tyrell, 29, is curriculum co-ordinator in science at Congleton high school, Cheshire, one of 35 specialist schools in engineering. He was talking to Elaine Williams. See for UK tour details

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