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SCHOOLS are natural locations for hormonal release. Lots of social interaction, lots of potential for relationships, lots of eyeing up, lots of actual getting it together and a fair chance of an equal balance of females and males. Hearts will be starting to flutter around now and one of the reasons for looking forward to the start of term may be the chance to re-establish contact with someone who has been absent over the summer holidays. Not around but very much in mind.

Lonely hearts and those with a wandering, restless demeanour can anticipate the return of the informal dating agency. Others can watch and merely admire and pray for a lucky romantic break. Some will stumble into a relationship they know they should avoid and the search for the perfect partner can be a troubled trail.

We are not talking just about pupils, but teachers. The reality is that staffrooms and classrooms are meeting places where fancies are stirred.

There is always someone who is seeing someone, or would like to, and the high number of partners who stem from the same profession is testament to the success of the matching system. This runs right through education. But as we report elsewhere (page six), matches can go awry. In confined workplaces that can lead to casualties.

Perhaps it is the teachers who need guidance, or should we say pastoral care?

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