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Curriculum 2000;Review of the year;News

THE final version of the national curriculum for 2000 was unwrapped in September after various alarms and excursions.

Citizenship was introduced in secondary schools; geography was re-written after a dispute between the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and Education Secretary David Blunkett over the future of maps; classic writers were re-instated and early British history added.

Dictionaries are to be banned in language exams after research showed they gave able pupils an unfair advantage.

The churches fought and won a battle for keeping marriage in the guidelines for personal and social education. Compulsory games became optional at key stage 4, surviving an outcry against the proposal in the right-wing press. Language and design experts criticised the plans to allow more 14-year-olds to drop their subjects. Teacher unions said it was still too prescriptive.

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