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Activity Schedules for Children with Autism

By Lynn E McClannahan and Patricia J Krantz

Woodbine House

ISBN: 978-1606130032


Activity schedules provide a series of prompts - a set of pictures or words - that cue an autistic child to follow a sequence of steps. The idea is that this guidance is gradually withdrawn so the child can then independently take part in an activity, such as working with classmates or completing a puzzle. Based on research carried out at Princeton Child Development Institute in the US, this includes a guide on how to use the schedules to promote interaction with other children.

Insights into Sensory Issues for Professionals

By Kathleen Morris

Future Horizons

ISBN: 978-1935567196


A compilation of articles originally published in SI Focus magazine, which looks at sensory integration, this volume provides information on the latest research and on how to address sensory deficiencies, from vision to hearing and speech. Includes details on products and recommendations from experts in the field around the globe.

Action Research in Special Education

By Susan M Bruce and Gerald J Pine

Teachers' College Press

ISBN: 978-0807750919


Action research aims to give teachers the skills needed to work on problems specific to their classrooms by using a standard research procedure of asking a focusing question, defining the terms, collecting data and then analysing it. This book looks at how this approach can be applied to a special education classroom, or to pupils with special needs in an inclusive classroom.

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