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Curriculum for 'floundering'

Your article, "CfE support group disbanded" (August 27), highlighted the concerns of many about the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. It seems ludicrous that, less than a month after implementation, the very group set up to focus on implementation on the ground has fallen by the wayside.

The SNP Government has rushed through the whole process and risks leaving thousands of pupils, teachers and parents unsure about the curriculum and the qualifications that they will sit. It is simply unacceptable that this government is risking the educational future of a generation because Mike Russell will not admit that the SNP has got it wrong on education yet again.

The CfE partnership, led by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, may not have been universally supported, but I believe it necessary to have a body whose remit it is to monitor implementation and support local authorities in delivering a curriculum which works.

Consistency in how the CfE is delivered is crucial if the new curriculum is to bring true excellence in our schools. I fear that the break-up of the partnership is a step backwards and will, as Richard Goring suggests, leave some "floundering".

Margaret Smith MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesperson on education and young people, Scottish Parliament.

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