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Curriculum heroes to believe in

Whoever created the layout for your Rose report summary deserves a bonus for putting the seven areas of learning under pictures of The Magnificent Seven ("Is your school really ready for the new primary law in town", December 4). Each new area headed by an appropriate hero for teachers and pupils to emulate! Let us see now ...

Understanding English, communication and languages: Bernardo, whose speech to the peasant children is a masterpiece of rhetoric. Mathematical understanding: Harry Luck, whose obsession with hidden treasure is his motivation. Scientific and technological understanding: Chico, who saves the village by his grasp of dynamite. Historical, geographical and social understanding: Chris and his shrewd understanding of Mexican politics. Understanding physical development: Lee, an alcoholic gunfighter who rediscovers a sense of purpose. RE: Britt, who shows body, mind and spirit as one. And understanding the arts: Vin ... damn, I'll think of something in a minute.

Chris Hudson, Morpeth, Northumberland.

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