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The Essential Guide to Using ICT Creatively in the Primary Classroom

By Steve Woods


ISBN: 978-1408224977


Whether you are a complete novice or a technological whizz-kid, this book promises to have something to inspire you to find new ways to plan and deliver lessons. It covers everything from making sure your equipment is always working to embedding ICT creatively in the classroom, as well as how to customise the technology to make it fit in with your own style of teaching.

Developing a Networked School Community

By Mal Lee and Glenn Finger (eds)

Australian Council for Educational Research

ISBN: 978-0864319814


The move from paper-based teaching towards a digital form is gathering pace. This book looks at ways schools can realise the opportunities when they dismantle traditional "school walls" and connect with pupils' homes and communities. It examines models, including harnessing the teaching capacity of parents and integrating what goes on at home with what happens at school.

Living with the Internet and Online Dangers

By Corey Sandler

Checkmark Books

ISBN: 978-0816078745


In many ways, the internet resembles the Wild West: a lawless place full of promise and danger. From scammers after your bank details to paedophiles grooming their next victims, it is full of people trying to get what they can. This timely book looks at how teenagers can protect themselves from unwanted attention, from avoiding email scams to dodging the unsavoury predators who stalk cyberspace.

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