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Curriculum - Special needs - Lesson plan - Body basics

Secondary Pupils with autistic spectrum disorders can learn about life cycles, anatomy and social awareness

Secondary Pupils with autistic spectrum disorders can learn about life cycles, anatomy and social awareness

What the lesson is about

This is part of a PSHE scheme of work about sex and relationship education for key stage 4 pupils with autistic spectrum disorders, with cross-curricular links to maths and science.

Aims: Pupils can ...

- use the correct terminology for life-cycle processes;

- know and name the main internal and external body parts;

- know where it is appropriate to touch themselves in public;

- understand reasons for not touching themselves inappropriately in public.

Getting started

Show pupils pictures of adult and baby animals. Ask them to match the adults with their correct young. Take them through the life-cycle of animals, including humans, from gestation to adulthood. Ask them to draw up a chart naming the adult animal and its offspring, using the correct terminology.

Use quizzes and games to get pupils to name the parts of their bodies. Give them a picture of a human body and ask them to name and label the main parts, including the limbs, facial features and genitals. Ask them to locate the internal organs on the body map.

Role-play different greetings, such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing and non-physical greetings. Ask pupils to practise greeting other people, including shaking hands and smiling.

Ask pupils to think of games that involve touching other people. Get them to play one or two of those games, such as arm wrestling, touching others in appropriate places.

Taking it further

Discuss where it is appropriate for the pupils to touch themselves when other people are watching or present. Discuss which parts of the body it is appropriate for other people to touch, when a third party is present or watching.

Ask them to fill in a body chart, marking where it is appropriate to touch yourself in public.

Explain why it is inappropriate to touch yourself in certain areas, such as your genitals, in public.

Where to find it

A copy of the full scheme of work, originally uploaded by ambikins23, can be found at

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