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Curries for lunch? Not if the BNP gets its way

Curries and halal food in schools would be replaced with roast beef if the British National Party were to triumph unexpectedly in the election.

The nationalist party, better known for its extreme views on race and immigration, is due to outline its education policies in its manifesto next week. These include introducing compulsory head lice inspections and replacing choice in canteens with a sit-down meal for all teachers and pupils.

The party would also refuse to let schools provide Muslim pupils with halal food.

Phil Edwards, BNP spokesman, said a typical school dinner would instead consist of "a nice joint of roast beef and cabbage". "We ruled the Empire on food like that," he said. "We didn't have to eat bloody curries."

More sinister BNP plans include highlighting the underperformance of ethnic groups and introducing local votes so parents can decide if they want to "prohibit the teaching of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle choice". The party would campaign to let teachers smack pupils and hire staff who have worked in schools for at least 30 years to train teachers instead of "trendy" colleges.

Veritas, the breakaway anti-European party set up by television presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk, would introduce vouchers that parents could use in any state or independent school. It would also "reintroduce the proper study of British history and culture". Meanwhile the UK Independence party would use some money saved from pulling out of the European Union to pay for extra teachers.

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