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'Customer-friendly' inspectors

This week I received the post-inspection questionnaire from the Office for Standards in Education following the school's inspection at the end of April.

I indicated on it that I agreed or strongly agreed with all of the positive statements about the conduct of the inspection, because, like Susan Clinch (TES, 14 June), I consider that our inspection team members were entirely professional in their approach.

That is the opinion not only of the staff, but also of those parents and governors who met them. They have left us with a report which everyone agrees is a fair reflection of the work of the school and which tells us how it can be improved further for the benefit of our pupils.

I have to say that I did not observe in our inspection team any of the unfortunate characteristics which rightly have angered many teachers and which would makean inevitably stressful process doubly so.

If OFSTED pays close attention to the feedback from its questionnaire, it has the power when inspection contracts are awarded to ensure that the business of inspection is made as "customer-friendly" as possible.

PA LEGON Headteacher Carnforth high school Kellet Road Carnforth Lancashire

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