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Cut the power

As a practising headteacher, I was disturbed to read Mike Baker's article ("Cut down to size", TES, June 7) relating his governing body's "dilemma".

The tone was disgruntled, lamenting the fact that his "power" (he mentioned the word four times) had been thwarted by the reasoned argument of the school's teachers.

If a united staff feels strongly that the potential loss of staff is too high a price to pay for a reduction in class size, surely that is an argument to be listened to and respected. Teachers have their pupils' well-being and learning at the forefront of their thinking.

Certainly the confrontational language he uses does not augur well for reasoned debate.

It would seem to be in the interest of both schools to have their own governing body and address the issues as they affect them individually. What is right for an infant school is not always the same for a junior school - but this does not preclude co-operation and liaison between governing bodies.

ANN STOREY 187 Park Road, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey

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