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Cut off from school, not life

Mike McCabe's article betrays a prejudiced and inaccurate view of home education. One of his main points was that home educated children were being socially and educationally deprived. The article was headlined: "Is it best for a child to learn in isolation?"

I can argue from experience as I was home educated through all of primary school and am now in third year at a South Ayrshire school. I went on about one educational trip every week where we met up with other home educators at country parks, castles and elsewhere. That was in addition to "after-school" activities and a hectic social life.

I think you learn more at home because your parents can explain things to you best because they know you the best and because not many families have 30 children.

Another of Mr McCabe's points is that some children are cut off from all the protection that they get at school. Some children would disagree that they are protected at school.

He implies that some children are home educated for the wrong reasons or that their parents are using them, but the council have the right to make enquiries if they feel that children are not learning or are being used.

Contrary to his claims, parents of home educated children can easily obtain a wealth of information to help and support them, including the help of other home educators. To suggest they are cut adrift from the rest of the educational community is laughable.

Hazel Aitkenhead Mount Oliphant Farm Ayr

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