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Cuts wrecking careers service

Your article about careers guidance has made me extremely annoyed at what is being proposed. It is yet another nail in the coffin and will just about destroy the last vestiges of what was the old Careers Service.

This pre-Connexions service was respected for its sheer professionalism and integrity. It is now a mere shadow of its former self because of the way the Government has cut back on the careers guidance personal advisers (our new title) to fund the wider universal service. To add insult to injury, Mike Tomlinson accuses us of delivering a "targeted service" rather than a "universal entitlement".

Where has Mr Tomlinson been for the past few years? The way we now have to work is because of the policy of the Government and its intention to reduce the number of personal advisers (careers) to help fund more personal advisers (generic). My own authority, Hull, has been forced to reduce the number of advisers in the former category by a third.

Trevor Larsen

1, 40th Avenue

Kingston upon Hull

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