Cyber guide through the hormones and hair gel

PARENT worries about how teenagers will cope with the onset of hormones and hair gel could be answered by a new website for 14-17s on relationships and sex.

Young people's hunger for authoritative information on sex and relationships led to the Think About It website, the Health Education Board for Scotland said.

Deirdre Fullarton, specialist in sexual health, said: "This site will not be a simple solution for all teenage dilemmas. However, it does put reliable information at their fingertips and challenges them to think through the consequences of the choices they make. The site also explores the often overlooked issue of the social and emotional consequences of sexual decisions."

Lesley Hinds, chair of Hebs, said: "This is a high-tech approach to an age-old problem. It is important that teenagers have access not just to information but opportunities to think through their options."

Www.hebs.comthinkaboutit backs up the board's television and radio teenage campaign.

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