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Cynical starter

As an "outstanding" graduate teacher programme (GTP) trainee seeking my first job, I would like to comment on Lindy Barclay's article "It's now or never to nab the best new recruits" (May 14). Best new recruits? A few useful translations ...

You didn't get the job because:

- "the candidate we appointed was able to draw on more examples to back up her answers" (they were one of four internal candidates who have been employed at our school on a temporary contract for the past seven years - frankly, there was no need to advertise this post at all but we had to);

- "the candidate we eventually chose really impressed the governors and has a lot to offer the school" (the candidate was a man);

- "the successful candidate was the best match for the job" (the headteacher plays golf and drinks whisky with the candidate's dad).

Happy job hunting, NQTs.

Emma Wilkinson, GTP trainee, Axbridge, Somerset.

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