Dabbling in Dobs

Dobs from the Planet Dobble, Dibs from the Planet Dibble, Dabs from the Planet Dabble, and Debs from Chelsea come in four colours: blue, red, green and yellow.

A meeting has been arranged for Dobs, Dibs, Dabs and Debs to get together. Each planet sends four creatures to the meeting, one of each colour: Dobs Dibs Dabs Debs At the start of the meeting, the chairs are arranged in 4 rows of 4 facing a stage, like this: To make sure all the creatures meet, there is a special seating plan. There must be one of each type of creature in the four different colours in every row and column, and in both diagonals.

Can you arrange the Dibs, Dabs, Dobs and Debs on the grid in this way?

Answer: (one possibility)

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