The dance goes on

THE COURSEWARE GUIDE TO ENGLISH EXAMINATIONS AT KEY STAGE 4 By Jim Sweetman Courseware Publications Pounds 12.95.

The opening chapters stylishly catalogue the state of English (via "historical inertia, misguided interference and chance") and the confusing changes in English exams since the 1950s. One feature of this curricular barn dance is that many departments have felt obliged to switch examining groups. For others - if not, why not?

Set against this scenario is an investigation of GCSE syllabuses and their delivery. All departments could benefit from this comprehensive and perceptive analysis.

It stresses the importance of strategic curriculum planning. Copymasters provide guidance to ease the planning workload. Ideal for departmental meetings and in-service training.

Constraints still dog the curriculum and GCSE. But technology brings other challenges, not least the prospect of revolutionary changes in exams. The dance goes on.

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