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Date to celebrate - February 9 - Safer Internet Day

What is it all about?

Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness about the risks and dangers associated with careless or unsupervised use of the internet, particularly through instant messaging, social networks and forums.

Under the theme "Think before you post", Safer Internet Day 2010 will focus on how we manage images online and how we deal with privacy in digital environments.

Classroom ideas

Teachers could begin Safer Internet Day by highlighting some of the risks associated with using the internet, through video clips or a presentation. Use the information revealed in this way to promote a class discussion, and encourage pupils to reflect on their own use of the internet. Do they use instant messaging, Twitter or Facebook?

Ask pupils what they feel they can do to protect themselves and their friends while using these systems. You could use the results of this discussion to create a display of safety tips for the classroom or ICT suite as a reminder for all pupils throughout the year.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

The TES website has lots of helpful resources, including video clips, information sheets and weblinks that you can use for inspiration. Visit for more information.

Where do I get more information?

Visit for more information on this event and how your school can get involved. offers resources for people who work with children as well as children themselves. There is also a section for parents.

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