Date to celebrate - January 2 - Christmas card recycling

Tes Editorial

What is it all about?

Every January the Woodland Trust launches an initiative to encourage the recycling of Christmas cards. More than 1 billion Christmas cards are sent every year in the UK, and ensuring they are recycled properly will make a major contribution to a greener environment and the planting of more trees.

Classroom ideas

Encouraging pupils to recycle their Christmas cards is a great way to start off the new year and get them thinking about recycling. You could arrange an interactive presentation on the environmental importance of recycling and ask pupils to suggest other ways they can make changes to their habits, in school and at home. You could divide the class into teams and ask pupils to make a collection at home of as many Christmas cards they can. The team with the most cards wins.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

Visit the Woodland Trust website at for lots of information on how your whole school can get involved in Christmas card recycling.

Where do I get more information?

The TES website has an excellent selection of resources you can use to promote recycling Christmas cards in school. Visit for more information.

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Tes Editorial

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